knowledge : An approximate awareness, or understanding of one or more Perceivable Truths gained through experience and/or study. The quality of the knowledge depends on its consistency with all the related evidence.

Perceivable Reality : The theoretical (humanly unattainable but approximatable) description of Ultimate Reality based on all evidence available to humankind and on pure reason.

Perceivable Truth : An aspect of Perceivable Reality. The description of one aspect of Ultimate Reality based on all related evidence available to humankind and on pure reason. Generally, a Perceivable Truth is comprised of alternative views, and each alternative view has a probability of being an accurate description of the corresponding Ultimate Truth. The probability that none of the alternative views is an accurate description of the Ultimate Truth is also part of a Perceivable Truth.

perception : A person's personal view of one aspect of reality (e.g. the reasons for humanity's existence). Perceptions may be comprised of single or multiple views of the aspect of reality. They may be based on what the person has been taught and/or what the person imagines is correct and/or may be based on a good understanding of the available evidence and objective reasoning.

pure reason : logical reasoning devoid of inborn or learned biases.

Ultimate Reality : The true history of all that existed and now exists within our visible universe and beyond, including the laws of nature.

Ultimate Truth : An aspect of Ultimate Reality (e.g. the accurate facts and explanation describing how our solar system was created).

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