About Perceivable Reality

      It has been over two decades since writing Perceivable Reality. This little book, copyrighted in 1986, was probably the result of trying to understand the great disagreement in people's views on important matters where the relevant evidence is available to everyone. One might expect that intelligent people who are aware of more or less the same evidence would reach similar conclusions, but often this is not the case. These web pages discuss reasons for the disparity in people's beliefs about important matters. They are an introduction to the concept of Perceivable Reality, a means for reducing the trouble-causing disagreement in people's beliefs by making the beliefs more consistent with all the related evidence and logic.

      Publishing Perceivable Reality was not one of my priorities because I was not certain of its merits and it needed refining. But over the years I found the Perceivable Reality concept helpful. It helps understand the limits of human knowledge. The importance of understanding our knowledge and thinking limitations is discussed on these web pages, which are a condensation of the book.

Peter F. Allport
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