Peter Frank Allport (a.k.a. Walter)
Married, 4 children

Formal education
Cornell University (undergrad degree, engineering)
Harvard University (masters degree, business)

Work experience
Instrumentation (e.g. for particle accelerators) and information technologies
(Itek, International Paper, CBS Labs)

Academic interests
The nature and interactions of material systems
Processes resulting in self-organization, replication, and other life-like capabilities.
Awareness, thinking, and belief creation
Basic questions about reality; and related evidence and thinking.

Other interests
Farming/woodlot management, ecology, efficient living, animals, sports
Books and booklets  
Quantum Medium View © Copyright 2005
This booklet (57 pages) explains the qm view which was first described in a paper copyrighted in 1994 and submitted to Physical Review A in 1995. The booklet has been available at the website since 2005. It can be viewed by clicking the booklet image. The qm view is a theory in which the particles of the "standard model" of orthodox physics theory are comprised of oscillations of a quantum medium, the logical consequences of which explain physical causes for a wide variety of poorly understood phenomena. The best way to understand the qm view is by going to the website. and studying the pages linked via buttons on the home page.
Perceivable Reality: a new kind of truth © Copyright 1986
This book is a result of trying to understand why intelligent people have such different beliefs about matters of importance to us, such as the reasons for our existence. Perceivable reality is an evidence- and probability-based reality that can help find answers to perplexing questions and therefore help advance science and human awareness in general. If people could become aware of the benefits of Perceivable Reality, this could lead to a large scale change in thinking, values, and behavior that would make the world better for everyone. You can learn about Perceivable Reality by clicking the book image or clicking here.
Duality: a fundamental natural pattern © Copyright 1989 and 1990
Duality is about an extraordinary pattern of stability for a process that can be precisely modeled mathematically. The Duality pattern has remarkable characteristics such as its symmetry and the two identical subpatterns having main discs that are exactly one unit in diameter and centered at the zero and one unit locations on the pattern. By unbalancing the disturbances in the Duality process, the stability pattern can be unbalanced so that one half of the pattern becomes the "Mandelbrot pattern." You can read more about Duality and other interesting interacting systems at the document, Interacting Systems: hidden complexity in nature. Also, a YouTube video explaining interacting systems and Duality is available here.
In Spite of Reason: perceptions of the history of matter and man © Copyright 1985
This book was written after living, learning, and working in the Boston and New York City areas and moving to a farm in rural Upstate New York. The change in environment gave me time to think about my experiences, and it provided awareness of the great differences between man's natural environments and our recently created man-made environments. The book's table of contents is shown next to the book image. Thinking about these topics raised many questions I tried to answer. The above books or booklets are a result of searching for answers. I thought my manuscript contained useful ideas and sent a copy to Lynn Margulis who had some similar ideas. She liked it and invited me to participate in a symposium on "consciousness in life," a subject of part of the book. This led to my writing and presenting a paper, "Inherited Memories and Learned Beliefs," part of which is available here. I was fortunate to be one of many whom Lynn helped, and her son, Dorion Sagan, made improvements in this book, and I learned from him in the process.